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Formula 1

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TEST F2012 BARCELLONA 1The FIA has announced they will only allow one helmet paint scheme per driver. Personally I am a fan of this decision, teammates cars are so similar that the only thing differentiating them from one another is there helmet design. Continue reading

NASCAR Budweiser Duels

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budweiser-nascar-racingDuel 1

Dale Earnheardt Junior wins the first Duel, being pushed by teammate Jeff Gordon by what I think was done intentional. Ensuring his start in the Daytona 500, as the number 88 was the only Hendricks car not locked in.

Duel 2

Personally, this was one of the best duals I have ever seen. The Gibbs cars were looking strong, as was the Furniture Row car driven by Martin Truex Jr. However, Hendricks cars seemed to be the class of the field, with Jimmy Johnson winning the second duel, Kyle Busch finishing second and to my excitement (and I’m sure my fathers), Carl Edwards rounding out the top three.

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