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Posted on: 2015-03-31 in Sport

michigan-stateIs there anything better than the FINAL FOUR?  Online Tickets were a synch to snatch up quickly and receive etickets right away.  This year’s finalists are all great basketball clubs, with every #1 Seed advancing except for the Villanova Wildcats.  This might actually be pleasing to the casual sports fan.  For me, this Tournament is all about the upsets.  I would not have been disappointed in the slightest if not a single #1 Seed had made the FINAL FOUR,  although I’m not actually sure if that’s ever happened or in my lifetime.  But I do know some interesting figures.. did you know that in the 18 seasons Michigan State has had Tom Izzo as their Head Coach,  that in that time Izzo coached teams are MORE LIKELY to make the FINAL FOUR than to get knocked out of the Tournament first round?   He has taken his team to the FINAL FOUR 7 out of those 18 attempts and has never once been left out of the Tournament!  That’s the difference good coaching can make!   But then the question becomes, despite all the Spartans successes, do people NOW believe that these Spartans can beat the Blue Devils this Saturday?   No. Most believe Duke will slaughter the Spartans.  How little we have learned. Continue reading


Posted on: 2015-03-30 in Sport

ncaa4 Teams are left preparing for 2 games each to determine the 2015 NCAA TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS!  Although many if not most had predicted a relative cake-walk to the Championship by the Wildcats, it hasn’t exactly played out that way, although they are still on track.  The Wildcats remain Perfect,  despite stealing a win against the Irish which many conclude ND should have won.   Seeing as how presumably everyone chose the Wildcats to win in their brackets,  I suppose many are still alive to win some bragging rights. However,  I’m talking about something far more profound than some silly pool – I’m talking about ATTENDING THE FINAL FOUR. Tickets – probably ain’t cheap.  Beers at Stadium,  probably no bargain either.  . THE POINT IS I AM GOING and considering I’ve researched everything else in Indianapolis I’m looking forward to doing,  this has become much more than just a basketball trip.  But let’s break this all down. . Continue reading