Joshua Blick’s Pick of the Week

Posted on: 2015-10-11 in Hot

maxresdefaultAfter an absentee entry last weekend I have returned to give my thoughts on this week’s lock pick and advance my agenda of proving that picking football games isn’t really that hard when you’ve a dozen or more games to choose from but the spread always makes it challenging as it is the ultimate equalizer.  This week I am focusing on the one play short of a back to back title Seattle Seahawks VS. Cincinnati Bengals.

For years now the Bengals have been one of those few select teams which were the ridicule of the NFL. And perhaps rightly so as many caught on to this notion of referring to them as the Cincinnati Bungals, reinforcing the postulation that this team is only capable of finding ways to lose rather than win games.  Not since the days of watching Woods do the Ickey Shuffle have anyone had any reason to watch the Bengals play with any degree of belief and enthusiasm. Well that may have all changed this year. The Bengals find themselves hosting the Seahawks this week with as yet an unblemished record,  and according to the line the Bengals should remain undefeated come this Monday.  A very surprising potential accomplishment to some indeed! With Andy Dalton at quarterback and A. J. Green at wide receiver as the Bengals’ most recognizable talent,  this team finally seems poised this season to make some real noise and turn some heads! While I do not know the team’s history of head to head matchups all time against the Seahawks, I do know that this would be a statement win for Cincinnati if they downed a top calibre team like the Seahawks and therefore the Bengals should have plenty of motivation in front of their screaming fans to put the League on notice that they are for real. Not to mention that the Cincinnati running game and defensive ability when not possessing the ball have looked equally impressive thus far into the 2015 NFL Regular Season.

The Seahawks are capable of winning each and every week.  With Russell Wilson being able to scramble in the backfield to keep plays alive on broken plays for long first downs and Kam Chancellor back on defensive solidifying an already exceptional defense on the field,  not to mention Bennett’s distinctive abilities as possible wide receiver and special teams returner for the Seahawks,  this team is certainly dangerous when they can make all their working parts act in unison on the Gridiron.  However,  maybe the Seahawks most talented player and threat in these games is “Beast Mode” RB Marshawn Lynch, who this week may not play at all for the Hawks and even if he does suit up the reality is he won’t be playing at full capacity. Couple this fact with how well the Bengals have looked so far this year and their playing this game at Home, and you have to give the edge to the Cincinnati Bengals to possibly post a big number on the Seahawks this week if they can almost double the Seahawks in ball possession as I predict they will. Statement game Cincinnati Bengals.

TAKE the BENGALS-3 points in this contest.

Joshua Blick’s LockPick Week#2

Posted on: 2015-09-20 in Hot

Tennesse Titans-1 @ Cleveland Browns

While it’s still early in the year, and many preseason predictions already seem slightly questionable,  I think the easiest call this week is the Titans to beat the Browns in Week#2. This matchup involves two new, young QBs in the League,  but there is a difference.  The feeling around Cleveland is one of uncertainty as it pertains to Johnny Manziel. He has struggled out of the gate. He is making his 3rd professional start,  seeking his first win.  Manziel has admittedly had some off the field issues as well.  Most believe this involves substance abuse in addition to simply heaving drinking. Alcoholism in isolation may have been your father’s generational vice,  today it’s usually more than that… there’s just too many more ‘options’ out there.  The game this Sunday will show us whether Manziel has matured,  but even if he has, look at the team he’s playing with. No Josh Gordon,  no anyone.  The Browns just aren’t very good.

On the other side,  Marcus Mariota looks to fit the bill. After scoring a “Perfect” passer rating in his first ever start,  throwing for four touchdowns,  on the road,  people open their eyes very quickly. I know I’m excited about this prospect.  If he can tear it up in the NFL the same way he did for the Oregon Ducks in College,  the NFL and more importantly the music city, could be in store fora real treat.

Somehow this game is slated as basically a Pick game,  and to me that is ridiculous. The team mates on Cleveland have just as much uncertainty as it concerns Johnny Football as do the football prognosticators who rate these matchups. The difference here is that the Titans are all in on their chances with Mariota, and for a QB to post a perfect start in his first game on the road is pretty telling of things to come.  The Titans will not only open up in Tennessee as undefeated in their home owner,  which is almost surprising to say, but I believe Tennessee will be the surprise team of the year that all the pundits are talking about come Week9. Ken Whisenhunt reminds me of a Tom Coughlin style approach to coaching.  He is tough,  at times downright unlikable,  but he gets the job done,  and he gets it done his way. I had an appreciation for this coach when he was with Arizona.  He arguably should have won a Championship there.  I’m not saying Tennesse is winning the Title this year. I am saying they will have the best quarterback prospect in pro football going forward if Mariota stays healthy and gets more reps in this League.

Take Tennesse Titans-1