Joshua Blick’s LOCK of the Week#1

Posted on: 2015-09-13 in Hot

Well, it’s the start of a fresh new NFL Season, and like most people I spend from Tuesday morning onward contemplating the week that was, and what I can do to be better the week following. I’ve decided to put my thoughts down here, so each week I will choose my “Pick of the Week” which, if I’m worth my weight in seasalt, should land me a 13-3 record overall by year’s end of the regular season. I actually feel that’s a fairly conservative prediction.

San Francisco +2.5 VS. Minnesota Vikings is my pick this week, as I remain undefeated. The reasons are simple, these teams meet in the final NFL game for Week1 slated as the second matchup of a double-header on Monday Night Football for opening week only. And I don’t much imagine that Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers will like it very much that they have been nudged out by the football world as being home underdogs in Primetime at the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The fans in San Francisco are fanatical, and they will pack the house this Monday Night and will be LOUD!!!

While everyone is talking about how far along Teddy Bridgewater at QB for the Minnesota Vikings has come along (and yes he has looked on point during preseason game play with his starting line leading into the games that actually count) unfortunately for the Vikings the 49ers are just too big, too mean, and too strong to be strangled out in their home opener. Sure, I will concede that with the departure of former head coach Jim Harbaugh from the 49ers to the college ranks to coach the Michigan Wolverines will impact the red & gold, not only in their approach to the game but perhaps also in the team’s drive and intensity to win each week which Harbaugh was masterful at extracting the very best from his players, the work ethic that was instilled into these players will remain, and their dual threat of hard punching the ball forward on the ground which I will elude to further, and Kaepernick’s amazing scramble and rushing ability where he is already past the post with defenders when they realize they actually need to run full throttle to chase him down (if they can catch him) makes this team far more dynamic than their counterparts this week. I am a complete believer in the running ability of 49ers RB Carlos Hyde. He shared the duties with Frank Gore last year as a Rookie, but I think this season you will see more dependency on Hyde for the Niners as their premier running back with Gore moving to the Indianapolis Colts, and this will pay incredible dividends for the team on offense, only assisting the play making abilities of Kaepernick, who always requires at least one defender in a ‘spy the QB’ requirement. That, coupled with his already accurate passing ability, makes the Vikings-2.5 in San Fran just seem silly. Take those points or take the 49ers to simply win the game, you’ll be happy you did.

New England Patriots

Posted on: 2015-09-05 in Hot

New England Patriots

tom-brady-patriotsjpg-632a823f54448814Without question, Boston has been the most talked about Franchise in the Sport of Pro Football of late, and it isn’t just because they won it all last year!  Thanks to the now infamous allegations concerning their perennial All-Star, Mr.Tom Brady, and the scandal concerning ‘Deflategate” which involved the apparent deflating of 11 out of 12 Patriots team game balls later tested independently by officials following their Playoff blowout victory against the Indianapolis Colts last Postseason, and the resulting fallout between Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the League, and one time friend and Patriots owner Mr. Kraft, there has seemingly never been so much discussion and spotlight on one player and his team during an offseason, possibly in the history of Sport. Continue reading